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PG Coloring Gacha

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This is one of the most famous Japanese anime-style game projects that attracts everyone’s attention. This project attracts attention with colorful characters and simple and exciting gameplay. Here you have to decorate various gacha characters that will appear on your screen. This gameplay is relaxing and allows you to enjoy what is happening at a minimal cost.

Coloring features

The game offers the opportunity to decorate a variety of popular characters. You will be able to choose those dolls that you want to decorate. Choose from a variety of color options to suit your individual preferences. Here you can meet already known and completely new characters that definitely deserve your attention.
After choosing a character, you will need to select how best to decorate it. For example, you can use ordinary pencils. First, you have to select the contours. After that, you can automatically fill in the fill along the shape. You need to be as careful as possible not to go beyond the lines. Otherwise, you will have to start all over from the beginning. The gameplay captivates from the first minutes, forcing you to immerse yourself in a fascinating world.

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