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Gacha Club TikTok

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Take part in an incredible competition on TikTok. Now you can share all your achievements with just a few clicks. It is enough to simply distribute your results on a social network by posting a short video. This is a unique opportunity not only to show your gaming skills but also to meet like-minded people.

Game process

Here you can take part in the TikTok challenge by developing an original character. You need to think of everything to the smallest detail. Develop an original appearance design using the available tools. You can create an original hairstyle, clothes, gender, and body type. Various design options allow everyone to choose the best solution for their preferences. You will have many characters change their images constantly.
Also, you can compete with other players from all over the world using all available tools. For example, you can take part in mini-games. Here you can score points, compete and have fun. Take part in epic battles and spread your results around the world. There are practically no borders in front of you now.

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