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PG Memory: Gacha

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This exciting game set in the known universe deserves your attention. You have to play together with other famous players, getting to know the most interesting characters. Here you will find clear descriptions, and you can also enjoy beautiful art and addictive gameplay.

Earn points and upgrade characters

Here you need to use cards to collect two of the same at a particular time. Here you must collect combinations as quickly as possible to clear the playing field completely. You should also use only your capabilities without any third-party tools. You must figure it out on your own, avoiding blocking even in the most challenging situations.
You can also quickly turn over all the cards to remember their location. You will have to use this function for diamonds, so you need to collect them first. That is why it is necessary to observe attentiveness and train your memory on your own. Compete with other players by turning on the appropriate mode. This is an excellent opportunity for you to determine how talented and intelligent you are compared to other players. Try to collect all game achievements now.

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